Unit 1 Edolphs Farm

Norwood Hill Road, Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 0EB

Tight For Space Solutions with Komplet from Red Knight 6 Ltd

Large sites, big equipment that’s easy to feed, it’s the ideal combination for recycling demolition waste, but what happens when you are working on a site that’s tight for space where you need to process material and you can’t swing the proverbial cat.

Sure, transporting the material for processing offsite is an option, but to keep costs down and drive real effectiveness you need a machine that is genuinely compact, but still powerful enough to process demolition waste and allow you to reuse it.

With a CSS range of 20mm to 80mm and a total weight of 12 tonnes, the unit produces high quality recycled material that you can immediately reuse on site.

Need greater flexibility in your product? Then combine the K-JC 704 with the mobile screener, Kompatto 104 (see the image). Weighing just 7 tonnes, the 104 has an output potential of 250 tph ensuring it can meet the recycling needs you’d have on site.

Komplet has a range of new products for 2019, all exclusively available from UK & Ireland partner Red Knight 6 Ltd. The machines are all designed to give the flexibility needed on site whilst producing the material you want to get the job done.